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Robin Boss
Jun 21, 2022
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During the interview with ByteDance, Hr asked me three questions: What is your greatest strength? Why do you think it is an advantage? Why do you category email list think you are qualified for this position? I think back to the last interview, the boss asked only three questions on the 5th side: What value do you bring to each job? Given a team, how often do you get to know category email list the characteristics of each of them? Say a reason why I can't refuse to use you. Do you see what they have in common? When companies choose us, they use money to buy the value we bring; you can understand that as investment, everyone will choose high ROI. For companies, the more obvious the advantage, the easier it is to generate high ROI. Today, let's talk about how to better understand yourself, discover category email list the strengths of your abilities, and how to build your own strengths. 1. What is the use of knowing the category email list advantages These questions are very common in structured interviews: What is your greatest strength? What is your biggest weakness? What are your unique strengths? What value can you bring to us? Why are you competent? Structured interview is a method adopted by companies to improve interview efficiency when faced with a large number of job applicants. Faced with this kind of question, the answer that gives the answer directly is unlikely to be a good answer. For example: My advantage is optimism, diligence, category email list seriousness, hard work, and progress. Do you feel that if you are the interviewer, what valuable information can such an answer give you? Some people may think that it is no problem for Hr to ask this kind category email list of question, just answer it casually. No No No! Every question of the interviewer is targeted, and every answer you give may determine whether the person on the other side is willing to hire you; dry adjectives can neither accurately express your advantages, nor make the interviewer feel "it's you.
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Robin Boss

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